Thursday, June 29, 2006

tip of the

I know I am the last person to write about this, but I think that this is real class: he didn't even ask the foundation to be named after him, just gave it to the other guy (Gates') who was doing a good job. Although perhaps Buffett knew that by doing it thus, it would even more thusly thus accentuate his altruism -- some reverse psychology in action.

Anyway, tip of the hat (if I wore a hat) to you, Warren Buffet, even though your son Jimmy Buffet is kind of a cheesball. I may even go out and buy a hat just for this, although I hate hats. Remind me to do something good like this when I become a billionaire (selling "hats for people who hate them".)

Age of immunity

So, my solution to the whole "potentially explosive issue" of when to vaccinate for HPV is to pick a ridiculously young age. If they pick, say, age 12, people will say "what, our kids are having sex at 12?." Contrawise, if they pick say, age 5, there is no controversy, it is just getting in an immunization like measles, mumps, rubella (what's rubella?) etc. Boom. Problem solved, thank you!

But seriously .. "about a quarter of boys and girls have had sex by age 15, according to government surveys"??? I knew the popular kids were having all the fun.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


This is pretty dark. I am sure kids love it:

In the typical Punch and Judy plot, Mr Punch is left in charge of the
baby. He becomes infuriated at its crying, and thumps its head against the stage
in order to put it to sleep. When Judy arrives to see what the commotion is
about, she attacks Punch for his cruelty. Punch flies into a rage, eventually
beating her to death with his stick. Throwing the two bodies out of the window,
he attracts the attention of a passing policeman.

The rest of the plot consists of Punch outwitting a series of opponents
one after the other, usually with the aid of the big stick. The Clown gives him
a string of sausages to eat, which are snaffled one by one by the crocodile. The
crocodile bites Mr Punch on his enormous nose, prompting him to call for the
Doctor, whom he proceeds to kick while under examination.
Even in jail, when he is about to be executed, he manages to persuade the Hangman to put his own head in the noose. Each time Punch outwits or kills one of his fellow characters, he lets out a triumphant cry of, “That’s the way to do it!” After the Hangman character was phased out, Mr Punch simply escapes from prison.

The peculiar rasping voice of Mr Punch is achieved by means of a device
called a swazzle, which is held in the performer’s mouth. It produces an effect
similar to a kazoo.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Youtube stuff

This cartoon is pretty funny. But look at the comments: no sense of humor those people have, I tells ya.
I also liked this one ... not for the faint of heart.

By the way, my news is that I bought a trombone on Ebay, my eye got better, but my cel phone (LG 6000) broke. But the bottom part works pretty well if I plug in a hands-free! So half a phone is better than no phone at all.