Monday, May 15, 2006

hoohle; Willie

So google bought the domain "" just in case your hand slipped. That is pretty considerate of them. I think by the same token I should answer to "Favif" or "Savis".
However, the goog-men cheaped out and didn't by "" for the right-hand slippers. By the way, is not something you want to link to publicly (not exactly SFW).

P.s., Doesn't this random Berkeley guy look like Willie Nelson?:

Pig-fishing, apple

Had this dream where some people were taking me out on a rowboat to learn the sport of pig-fishing. The deal is you would sink a line with a small fish attached to it, which would get eaten by a larger fish. The fish would wiggle on the line as you reeled it in, and the piggies (swimming and watching on the shore) would take notice and try to swallow the larger fish. Then you would reel all three of them in. Not sure how you were supposed to kill the pig after you reeled it in. It seemed kind of cruel, especially since the floating pigs were smiling and nice and would swim up to your boat to offer you a fresh plum.

Speaking of plums, check out this freak of an apple I bought a while back:

Friday, May 05, 2006

High nerd humor

These are videos from the Berkeley econ skit party (which, as usual, I missed):
Lot of inside jokes, but this one is great:

That's some extreme grad student procrastination in action (Cartoon guy would be proud!)

Comics guy

Woke up late (1:20pm!!!) ... missed my alarm and 2 phone calls.

Saw this guy Jorge Cham talk at Bechtel hall Sibley auditorium today (technically yesterday...). His cartoons are pretty funny, or perhaps better described as very accurate in his depiction of grad student life (here's another one) -- but damn it was freakin' Beatlemania in their. The guy would cough and the audience would go into hysterics.

OK, time to go to sleep so I can get up a bit earlier than the afternoon ....


Wow, Rumsfeld finally ran out of gas. That's pretty sad.
Why were they wearing plastic suits?? Good rebuttal.